The Baroque Room - Rental Contract

Further to my rental inquiry, accept this as my formal application to produce an event, as follows: A Security Deposit payable to The Baroque Room in the amount of $ 100 will be mailed to The Baroque Room. I understand that my deposit is not refundable if I elect to cancel the date(s) reserved for me. (The $200 balance is due by your concert date. You may elect to pay the entire $300 fee with this application. Fees for additional days are due on the first event date.)

Concert fee is $300; consecutive concert days for the same program are $150 for each additional concert; rehearsals included during the week of the concert; piano tuning is to be paid for and arranged by renter.

The Baroque Room will hold your concert date/time and rehearsal dates/times for two weeks after submission of this contract. Receipt of your $100 deposit within two weeks will secure these dates/times. If your deposit is not received within two weeks The Baroque Room reserves the right to release your dates/times for other events or use.

The Baroque Room has 80 audience chairs, 10 musician chairs, 2 cello chairs and 10 music stands. The Baroque Room only offers General Admission seating.

Tickets will be made available online within two weeks of receipt of this contract as well as receipt of Publicity and Program Forms. Box office will be open 45 minutes before the start of the concert. House will open at the renter's discretion.

Renters are allowed as many complimentary tickets as they wish. On or before the concert day renters must provide The Baroque Room with a list of people receiving free tickets along with how many tickets each person should receive.

The Baroque Room provides a reception for every concert unless the renter provides their own reception. Receptions are always free and reception donations are given to the provider of the reception.

If you request the harpsichord to be tuned you must finish rehearsal on the concert day one hour before the concert start time. When the harpsichord is being tuned it must be silent in The Baroque Room.

The Baroque Room will sell tickets online at with a $1.50 fee charged per ticket. The Baroque Room will sell tickets on-site, present a reception unless the renter provides their own, make a program and work the house. All ticket sales minus the online fee will be paid to the renter. The Baroque Room will provide basic marketing in the form of a press release, local online calendar listings, email blast and concert listing on

The Baroque Room provides basic marketing, but is not responsible for ensuring an audience. The groups with the largest audiences do additional marketing for the general public, appropriate targeted marketing and contacting friends, family and colleagues. We strongly suggest doing your own marketing to supplement the basic marketing we provide to have a large audience turnout.

The Baroque Room cannot post your concert online or send a press release until all the information requested on the Publicity Form is received. Once all the information is received, it may take up to two weeks to process your application. To ensure the timely posting of your concert online and best chance of being listed in newspapers, please plan to send this information at least two months before your concert date.

You must submit your complete program copy at least two weeks in advance in order for The Baroque Room to create a program in time for your concert.

Would you like The Baroque Room to provide a reception?

Will you be using the harpsichord and/or piano?

Do you need the harpsichord tuned?