All events listed are from the 2012-13 season. New events will be posted soon. Click on Concerts to see a concert listing for the 2013-14 season. 

Flying Forms is a baroque chamber music ensemble that regularly collaborates with prominent musicians, musicologists and baroque dancers in a wide variety of programs from traditional to experimental. Hailed by harpsichordist Arthur Haas as "the bright future of early music," Flying Forms is committed to being a presence that transforms communities and inspires expression through excellence in performance, innovative education and creative collaboration. link brochure 15-16

Flying Forms
Marc Levine, baroque violin
Tami Morse, harpsichord


A Baroque Christmas


$15 Adults | $10 Seniors & Students

Carrie Henneman Shaw, soprano
Philip Rukavina, lute 

Join Flying Forms for a program of Baroque gems perfect for the Christmas season. Music by Bach, Vivaldi, Corelli, Scarlatti, Purcell, Schmelzer, Constantin, Holborne and more. With student performers Anna Humphrey and Emma Richman, violins.

Bach Masterworks

SUNDAY, JANUARY 27 | 3:00 P.M.

$15 Adults | $10 Seniors & Students

Tulio Rondón, viola da gamba

Flying Forms performs a program chosen from the instrumental works of J.S. Bach along with a sonata composed by Bach's son, C.P.E. Bach. Varied in both emotion and style, each piece stands alone as a masterwork. Together they paint a picture of Bach's genius and legacy. 


by J.S. Bach
Sonata in G Major for Violin and Continuo, BWV 1021
Sonata in E Major for Violin and Obligato Harpsichord, BWV 1016
Sonata in G Major for Viola da Gamba and Obligato Harpsichord, BWV 1027

by C.P.E. Bach
Sonata in G Minor for Violin and Keyboard, H 545

The Complete Rameau Harpsichord Concerti


$15 Adults | $10 Seniors & Students

Tulio Rondón, viola da gamba

Virtuoso harpsichordist, Tami Morse, is featured in an exceptional tour de force: a complete performance of the 5 Harpsichord Concertos of Jean-Philippe Rameau. Unlike the modern concerto requiring a full orchestra, these masterful works, filled with beautiful melodies and exceptional harmonies, are accompanied with perfectly orchestrated baroque violin and viola da gamba parts. Experience this music just like those who heard it for the first time in the intimate and personal space of The Baroque Room. 

A European Tour

SATURDAY, MAY 25 | 8:00 P.M.

$15 Adults | $10 Seniors & Students

Cléa Galhano, recorder
Jin Kim, baroque violin

Join Marc Levine, baroque violin and Tami Morse,
harpsichord in a special concert with world renowned
guests Cléa Galhano, recorder and Jin Kim, baroque
Presenting trio sonatas by Bach, Couperin, Handel,
Telemann and Corelli along with a dash of Byrd, de Prez
and 2013 McKnight Artist Fellowship award winner
Clea Galhano performing the third Barbella recorder
concerto. Also with Tulio Rondón, viola da gamba
and baroque cello.


Cantar alla Viola

FRIDAY, JUNE 21 | 8:00 P.M.

$15 Adults | $10 Seniors & Students

Nadine Balbeisi, soprano
Carrie Henneman Shaw, soprano
Fernando Marín, viola da gamba

Soprano Nadine Balbeisi and viola da gambist Fernando Marín, both visiting from Europe, join Flying Forms for a concert of music by Bach, Monteverdi, Couperin, Marais and more. Program to include Bach's third sonata for viola da gamba and harpsichord, Couperin's Royal Concert #2, selected Bach arias and Monteverdi's Zefiro Torna. With Carrie Henneman Shaw, soprano.